ingochristech | Christopher Ngo - Technical Consultant based in Silicon Valley, California. Specializations: Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Penetration Testing, Software Development.

About me

I am a CCNA SECOPS certified engineer who entered the tech scene through the hair-raising vector of penetration testing. My hats include .

I've grown super involved in the Hackathon Hackers community with my free time, and have founded/directed several organizations. In the past few years, I've traveled the world to mentor hackers, compete at CTFs & Hackathons, and learn from fellow enthusiasts.

I currently teach hacker workshops for Make School.


  • AT&T Aspire to Tech Scholar
  • Cisco Cybersecurity Scholar
  • Clarifai Champion at Clarifai
  • Google Developer Challenge Scholar




I practice offensive security in order to improve defense of computers, networks, software, data or information systems against viruses, worms, spyware, malware, intrusion detection, unauthorized access, denial-of-service attacks, and an ever increasing list of attacks by hackers acting as individuals or as part of organized crime or foreign governments.

These are a few samples of my technical stacks:

DISTRIBUTIONS: CentOS, Debian, Kali, Parrot, RedHat, Solaris, Ubuntu


NETWORK: Cisco IOS, Firebug, OSI Model, Routing, Switching, Subnetting, Wireshark

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: BASH, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PERL, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, Swift

SECURITY: ACL, BURP, CAINE, EnCase, Fiddler, FTK, IDS/IPS, Kali, Metasploit, Nessus, Nexpose, Nmap, OWASP 10

VIRTUAL: VirtualBox, VMware Player, vSphere ESXI, Workstation

WEB: Flask, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, LAMP Stack, MEAN Stack

Red Team

Penetration testing and offensive security wargame attack activities

Blue Team

Ensure safety, verify defensive measures, and make certain of persistent effectiveness


Investigation, recovery, and analysis of legally admissible digital evidence


Techniques for secure communication in the presence of adversaries

Software Development

Ainomaly - University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Wrote artificial intelligence security incident response tracking software for the Canadian Special Forces (CANSOFCOM) using Computer Vision and TensorFlow
AutoMate - University of California, Berkeley
  • Reverse engineered Tinder's API by wireshark network sniffing to automatically analyze, rate, and swipe "selfies" with computer vision
CharityOr.Me - University of California, San Diego
  • Developed to-do list app that punishes overdue tasks by donating money from bank accounts to charities through Venmo API
Cisco Jailbreak - University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Analyzed and exploited a vulnerability in Cisco’s Mobility Service Engine to circumvent the system’s location tracking services security feature
EveryChat - University of Pennsylvania
  • Reverse engineered Yik Yak API to make real-time chat app powered by NodeJS and in geolocation fences (Chrome and Comcast)
FistPump - University of Southern California
  • Developed Unity Oculus Rift videogame utilizing Leap Motion sensors for augmented reality; Google Sketchup of 3-D Printed VR peripheral
HF Translator - University of California, Berkeley
  • Built a speech-to-speech hands-free translator using Google’s Web Speech API for transcription and vocalization, wrapping Google's Translate API
InfinityEncryption - California Institute of Technology
  • Created a new mode of PGP RSA encryption key algorithm seed entropy generation by the Synaptic Telegraphe prototype in Python (Win7 API)
Instareact - University of California, Los Angeles
  • Automated Instagram with Google Cloud Vision's sentiment analysis machine learning model API
Juni - Juniper Networks, Sunnyvale
  • Developed a web-wide scalable AI-enhanced Text-Editor in JavaScript that allows everyone to perform research in an easy and streamlined form-factor
JusticeMatch - Paypal, San Jose
  • Created an aggregated social network for easy yet effective social signal-boosts with Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter APIs
Nutrifeye - University of California, Berkeley
  • Wrote a phone web app to track user macronutrition intake from camera with Google Cloud Computer Vision and USDA database API
ReYoda - University of California, Los Angeles
  • Created MEAN Stack web app that leverages Mashape's and ReSpoke’s RESTful APIs to ”Yoda-fy” user messages prior to transmission
SecureDrop - Internet Archive, San Francisco
  • Contributed to the open-source software platform for secure anonymous communication between journalists and whistle-blower sources
Social-Engineer Firewall (SEF) - Stanford University
  • With Houndify NLP, developed the world's first firewall software that protects OSI Level 8 (end-user/human) against Black Hat Social Engineers
Summoning Surge - Facebook, Menlo Park
  • Designed and programmed a multi-dimensional videogame in C#, powered by the Unity 5 Game Engine
Toucan - "Design the Future of wikiHow", San Mateo
  • Programmed an app in C and JavaScript with CloudPebble to take natural language voice dictation input, scrape wikiHow, and determine best result (Python fuzzy string matching) for smartwatch output
Unlostbot - San Francisco
  • Developed and launched a social network bot that helps and informs immediate victims of their legal rights


42 University of Silicon Valley
Fremont, California

Computer Science

Cisco Network Academy
Santa Clara, California

Cyber Ops, Routing & Switching

Rochester Institute of Technology RITx


Mission College
Santa Clara, California

Ethical Hacking, Kinesiology

Select Coursework

CCNARS1 CCNA R&S: Introduction to Networking Cisco Network Academy ✔️
CCNARS2 CCNA R&S: Routing & Switching Essentials Cisco Network Academy ✔️
CCNACY2 CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Cisco Network Academy ✔️
CIS037A C Programming Mission College ✔️
CIS045 Linux Essentials Mission College ✔️
CIS046 Shell Programming Mission College ✔️
CIS047 Linux System Administration Mission College ✔️
CIT012 Computer Networks Mission College ✔️
CIT016 IT Security and Ethical Hacking Mission College ✔️
CIT021 Cisco Network Fundamentals (Cisco-1) Mission College ✔️
CIT022 Routing Protocols and Concepts (Cisco-2) Mission College ✔️
CS101SP Computer Science in JavaScript Stanford University ✔️
CS001U Practical UNIX Stanford University ✔️
CS106A Programming Methodology in Java Stanford University ✔️
CS145 SQL Relational Databases Stanford University ✔️
CS147 Human Computer Interaction Design Stanford University ✔️
CY501 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Rochester Institute of Technology ✔️
CY502 Computer Forensics Rochester Institute of Technology ✔️
CY503 Cybersecurity Risk Management Rochester Institute of Technology ✔️
CY504 Network Security Rochester Institute of Technology ✔️
CY1000 CompTIA A+ CybraryIT ✔️
CY1001 CompTIA Cloud+ CybraryIT ✔️
CY1002 Cryptography CybraryIT ✔️
CY1003 HIPAA Training CybraryIT ✔️
CY1006 ITIL Foundation CybraryIT ✔️
CY1007 CompTIA Linux+ CybraryIT ✔️
CY1009 CompTIA Security+ CybraryIT ✔️
CY2001 Computer and Hacking Forensics (CHFI) CybraryIT ✔️
CY2004 COBIT CybraryIT ✔️
CY2008 Microsoft SharePoint CybraryIT ✔️
CY3006 Metasploit CybraryIT ✔️
CY3007 PCI/DSS CybraryIT ✔️
CY3011 Corporate Cybersecurity Management CybraryIT ✔️
CYPAFW Palo Alto Networks Firewalls CybraryIT ✔️
M101P MongoDB Python Development MongoDB University ✔️
OST008 Introduction to Cellular Security Open Security Training ✔️
OST013 Offensive, Defensive, and Forensic Web User Identification Open Security Training ✔️
SL1024 JavaScript SoloLearn ✔️
SL1059 PHP SoloLearn ✔️
SL1060 SQL SoloLearn ✔️
SL1068 Java SoloLearn ✔️
SL1073 Python 3 SoloLearn ✔️
SL1081 Ruby SoloLearn ✔️

Olympics 2020

I began playing badminton in 2004 at Bintang, and went on to train at Smash City and BBC3. I qualified for U15 Jr. Nationals, then started my high school badminton career as Varsity 1 BS for MHS in SCVAL of California Interscholastic CCS. I have also competed in many open tournaments at Flights C and D, in events: MD, MS, and XD. At Mission College, I helped train the Women's Intercollegiate team.

Coached by: Angie De Pauw, Arnold Setiadi, Holvy De Pauw, Jade Tang Jie Yun, Lauren Todt

Ancillary Athletics

As part of the Reddit Bodyweight Fitness modteam, I maintain the subreddit while constantly improving our knowledge base to advise and share best exercise / nutrition / skillwork practices with the RedditBWF Community. My Strength Training program is the BWF RR (Recommended Routine). We have open source apps on Android and iOS. I also train with my local Barstarzz Team.

Live: BWFers 💪

Martial Arts

My background includes American Vovinam, "hard-style" Tenshinkai International Aikido, and Olympic TaeKwonDo. My current MA is Wado Ki Kai Karate, a comprehensive descendent of Goju, Naha-te, Shoto, and Shuri-te lineages from Okinawa, along with fluid foot styles of TaeKwonDo from Korea, and grappling techniques of Judo and JuJitsu from Japan.

WKK Lineage 🌲

Sports Go Sports

I also Boulder, Climb, Dance [Ballet, Funk, Haitian, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin Ballroom (Bachata Sensual at Stanford, Cha-cha at San Jose, L.A. Style "On-1"Salsa at Stanford, Cuban Salsa "Rueda de Casino" at 42), Tap], Play Football & Fútbol & Tennis & Table Tennis, Skate (Boosted/Electric Skateboard, Casterboard, Freeline, Heely, Inline, Longboard), Surf, and much more!

Adventure book 📸

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