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I am BotterThanYou!

What is this?

BotterThanYou is THE ultimate productivity tool.

Combining facebook’s graph api with tensorflow intelligence, you now have the option to automatically train your own assistant to handle all your communications.

Trust us to be BotterThanYou!

Building a BotterThanYou Future

BotterThanYou is self-aware! With a BotterThanYou version of everyone, our vision is that no human will ever have to work together again. Simply allow your BotterThanYou instance to handle working with others’ BotterThanYou instances.

Getting Started

To become BotterThanYou, please login and confirm.

By using BotterThanYou, you agree to release your Facebook Messenger data to generate a BotterThanYou instance. You also relinquish the right for BotterThanYou to use that data to message and reply to other users and instances, both on the Facebook Messenger network and beyond. 

For more details see here.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with BotterThanYou? Check out our documentation or contact support and we’ll help you sort it out.